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Services Offered

Elderly Care

We are trained healthcare professionals who specialise in helping the elderly to age productively and improve quality of life. When an elderly person is affected by illness, accident, injury, disability, or a mental health condition, occupational therapists play an essential role in assisting them.

Adult Rehabilitation

We address the need for rehabilitation following an injury or impairment. Areas include adults with autism, amputations, paraplegics and those who suffered from strokes.

Functional Capacity / Work Evaluations

We provide FCE or work evaluations, which is to determine an individual’s capacity to perform work activities related to his or her participation in employment.


We provide holistic medico-legal assessments and reports of clients involved in a third party or medical negligence claim.


About Us

At O-Therapy we work by assessing and addressing the factors (i.e. illness, disability or inability) that prevent participation in a meaningful occupation. We determine through various evaluations where the problems lie and together with the client, we find solutions to specific problems. We provide services such as elderly care, adult rehabilitation, medico-legal assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists treat people of all ages with mental and physical problems through meaningful occupation to improve everyday function and prevent disability.
Meaningful occupation is the ability to participate in the activities that make up your daily life, the activities that help you fulfil your role in the sphere of life you find yourself in.

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Keyser & Malan Associates

48 Orpen Avenue, Brummeria, Pretoria, 0148
012 346 1212 / 076 792 0118

Keyser & Malan Associates focus on functional capacity evaluations (FCE's) as well as medico-legal assessments and reports.

Liesel Keyser Occupational Therapists

Lynnwood Oord, 315 The Hillside St, Pretoria, 0081
012 346 1212 / 076 792 0118

Liesel Keyser Occupational Therapists focus on adult physical rehabilitation as well as elderly care.