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About O-Therapy

At O-Therapy we work by assessing and addressing the factors (i.e. illness, disability or inability) that prevent participation in a meaningful occupation. We determine through various evaluations where the problems lie and together with the client, we find solutions to specific problems. We provide services such as elderly care, adult rehabilitation, medico-legal assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations.


O-Therapy is divided into two divisions:

Liesel Keyser Occupational Therapists is based in Lynnwood, Pretoria.
Their fields of expertise are:

  • Adult physical rehabilitation
  • Elderly care

Keyser & Malan Associates is based in Clubview, Centurion.
Their fields of expertise are:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's)
  • Medico-legal assessments

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists treat people of all ages with mental and physical problems through meaningful occupation to improve everyday function and prevent disability. Meaningful occupation is the ability to participate in the activities that make up your daily life, the activities that help you fulfil your role in the sphere of life you find yourself in.

An occupational therapist works with a client to help them achieve a fulfilled and satisfied state in life through the use of "purposeful activity or interventions designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote health, prevent injury or disability. and which develop, improve, sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence." [AOTA Inc., 1994, p.1073]

Occupational therapists are concerned with the occupations of people and how these contribute to health.[Chapparo & Ranka, 1997b] Specifically it is a person's occupational performance that influences their health and personal satisfaction of their individual needs.

An occupational therapist can work with a wide range of clients of various limitations who are being cared for in an array of settings.[Punwar, 2000, p.5] Occupational therapy is about helping people do the day-to-day tasks that "occupy" their time, sustain themselves, and enable them to contribute to the wider community. It is these opportunities to "do", which occupational therapy provides, that prove important and meaningful to the health of people.[Crepeau, Cohn, & Schell, 2003, pp.27-30]

Occupational therapists generally work with:

  • Children
  • Rehabilitation and aged care
  • Acute care
  • Injury management
  • Mental health

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